How do SPC7011F FA5695 FA5696 ICs work in a pulse power supply circuit?

  1. Description 

SPC7011F FA5695 FA5696 are Power Factor correction ICs of Fuji electric company. These ICs are same electric functions and pin assignments so you can replace them to each other. These ICs usually used in pulse power supply circuit and they have many good electric features.

  1. Pin assignment and block diagram 
How do SPC7011F FA5695 FA5696 ICs work in a pulse power supply circuit?
How do SPC7011F FA5695 FA5696 ICs work in a pulse power supply circuit?


Pin assignment

FB: It’s voltage feedback input, it monitors output voltage PFC.

COMP: it’s output error amplifier pin

RT: This pin is for setting maximum time by connecting a resistor

OPV: over voltage detection pin

VCC: Power supply pin for IC, usually 28VDC 

GND: Ground

OUT: Output pin to drive Mosfet

IS:  Current sense pin

Block diagram

  1. How do SPC7011F FA5695 FA5696 work in a Example application circuit?

Explain by Blocks and simply

As you can see in this diagram. AC voltage goes through Bridge rectifier to creat DC voltage. DC voltage flatted by C1 capacitor and Mosfet Q1 switch on and off this DC voltage. The pin 7 of SPC7011F connects to Q1 mosfet, pin 7 is pulse output to drive Q1 mosfet. The pin 5 of SPC7011F connects to S in of Q1 mosfet to measure the current go through Q1 Mosfet ( Id ). At output voltage, it has a voltage divider circuit, divided output voltage goes to pin 4 of SPC7011F, this pin is OPV means overvoltage protection pin. the divided output voltage also goes to pin 1 of SPC7011F to feedback output voltage.

SPC7011F and FA5695 FA5696 are the same electric functions and features. So we will look at a real electric application circuit using FA5695. Input voltage 220vac L N goes through F1 fuse, then goes through input noise filter block L101 coil, c102 c104 c106 capacitors. Then this 220VAC input voltage is converted to DC voltage by D101 bridge rectifier. DC output voltage is flated by c201 capacitor. D203 zener diode is used to protect input voltage to G pin of Mosfet. The output pin of FA5695 connects to G pin to drive Mosfet. this FA5696 is power by J202 VCC from VCC pin. Output voltage after Mosfet is converted to DC voltage and flated by C202 capacitor. Using two output voltage divider circuits to down output voltage and connect to FB pin and OPV pin of FA5696 . When output voltage change to high or low voltage this unstable voltage also is measured by FB pin and FA5696 will change output to drive Mosfet to make output voltage stable. OPV pin to protect FA5696 from overvoltage condition. the IS pin connects to S pin of Mosfet to measure current flow over Mosfet, it also protects Mosfet from overcurrent condition. you we explain to you using FA5696 or SPC7011F is easy. Other PFC ICs is in the same way to use, if you are seeking original and new PFC ICs please go to this website and buy. 

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